Toddler Mealtimes

Do you have a constant battle to get your little one to sit at the table & eat?! I know I am not the only one to find it demoralising when they won’t eat anything you put in front of them. God forbid you should put a parsnip on the plate which then naturally renders the whole meal inedible! 🤣

I am certainly not claiming to have a magic solution but I did find something that helps make mealtimes less of a battleground!

Partitioning food in colourful and interesting containers has proved a real winner in our house & resulted in all of their vegetables being happily chomped up! You can use anything from ramekins, small tupperware to cups or even shot glasses. Mixing it up helps too so they don’t get bored. I try to put something new to try in one container in addition to the usual favourites.

Does anyone else do this or have any other useful tricks up their sleeve? I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas.

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