Reading Nooks for Kids

With a little imagination any small corner of your home can be turned into an inviting reading corner for children and adults alike. This is my first attempt using these pictures shelves from Homebase It also adds a splash of colour and interest to an otherwise plain wall.

It really encourages the kids to spontaneously sit and pick up a book & for me to read to them. This is in our main living room and I love that it pulls attention away from the tv and if you keep rotating the books it keep them interested.

Here are some other examples of great reading corners from pinterest which I used for inspiration.

Creative Kids Reading Corner Ideas for the Home
Toddler Reading Nook 2
Wonder where I can find these to make a reading corner with the baby bed mattress

The other great thing about being able to see all of the book covers is that you can change them up depending on the season. I add my Meg & Mog books and other Halloween themed reads in October and our Christmas books in December and it always looks really festive.

Added 30th June 2020

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