Mud Kitchen

The kids mud kitchen had become neglected and under-used so me & Emily decided to give it a spruce up! Here are the before & after pictures:

Even I want to play with it now! As soon as the kids are up they want to go in the garden to make mud pies!

Here’s what we did:

  • Made a special area for the mud kitchen using *eco-friendly border edging and play bark.
  • Made a trip to a local dollar/pound store & bought the following:
    • Small trays for storing bark, leaves, flowers and stones,
    • Plastic wine glasses & paper straws,
    • Cup-case tray and foil cases,
    • Over-door hooks to hang the pans on,
    • Wire basket for plates and bowls,
    • Metal mixing bowls,
    • Sieve,
    • Plastic shot glasses for small craft items to decorate pies/cakes e.g pom poms, sequins,
    • Shower caddy,
    • Small plastic baskets for foraging on the beach & in the woods,
    • *Ice-cream solar lights.
  • I used these *adhesive hooks for adding extra storage space – these have so many uses, I love them!

I loved doing this project with the kids & they both loved get their hands dirty and helping to dig out the plot. Messy kids are happy kids!

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